Worrying About Death

We as a race seem to be constantly thinking about death. We try to avoid it at all costs, and protect each other from it the best we can (most of the time). We fear it, worry about it, and do all we can to extend our lifetime. But does one ever stop to wonder what all this worrying about death is doing?

The truth of the matter is no one knows what happens when we hit that big sleep. There are tons and tons and tons of theories on the subject, but ultimately that is all they are theories; some of them really good theories, but still nothing more than that. It is possible one of these theories may be true, but there are about infinite possible ideas for what could be, thus making any theory being true have a probability of 1/infinity.

But really this doesn’t matter. Personally, I enjoy thinking about life and death, but moreso than what happens when we die, I like to think about how can we make life as enjoyable as possible. I like to think of how we can make Earth itself into a utopia, since this IS where we are.

But again I am getting sidetracked. The important thing to note is every moment we spend worrying about death is another moment we might as well be dead. Or more kindly spoken, it is a moment we are not living. Another way to think about this is to work under the hypotheses that we are indeed already dead, and we are just unaware of it; that this world IS what happens when you die. This type of hypothesis fits into a bunch of theories including ones of reincarnation, and ones that believe nothing at all happens and we just turn to dirt. Well under this hypothesis, if you are already dead and you are worrying about death, where does that leave you? It leaves one in a state of pointless worry, pointless stress, and pointless unhappiness.

Now one doesn’t have to believe in that hypothesis at all in order for the same type of idea to hold true. The point is, we do not know what happens when we die, however we do know what we perceive as is happening right now. With that in mind, enjoy the right now!! If you find you have an illness, get it treated the best you can, and aside from that don’t worry about it. Sure you may die soon, but if you spend time worrying about it, then death has already won. Live life, enjoy life, and help make life enjoyable for EVERY ONE.

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