Women Menopause Aging and how caregivers dealing with it?

Menopause and Woman

Women Menopause Aging, the menstrual period of a woman stops when she reaches menopause. It is a condition that women experience as they age. Their body begins to lose the ability to produce estrogen until they reach menopausal stage. The loss of estrogen can cause health problems. More than 50% of women will experience some menopausal symptoms which include pain, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, sleepless nights and urinary infections. She is vulnerable to long-term health risks due to the loss of estrogen.

The following effects of menopause to women are discussed below:

  • It affects the mental health. Reaching the menopausal stage lowers the production of the estrogen. Estrogen shows properties that protect against memory loss. What are the benefits of estrogen? Estrogen helps in growth of nerve pathways in memory portion of the brain, thus helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It stimulates the production of neurotransmitters and eliminates the free oxygen radicals that play a role in Alzheimer’s. It also opens the blood vessels which help in the good flow of blood to the brain.
  • It affects the bone density. A woman on her menopausal stage is at risk to have osteoporosis in which the bones become fragile because they lose density. Estrogen are believed in helping to control the life of osteoclasts that are responsible for break-down of bones. Also, estrogen maintain the level of vitamin D that is important nutrient for bone protection.
  • It affects the heart. After women reached menopausal stage, she is at risk to heart disease. The fall of estrogen production in her body cannot help in controlling the cholesterol level. Estrogen smoothens and opens heart blood vessels which reduce oxygen radicals that damage the heart arteries.
  • It affects urinary tract. Urinary tract infection is likely to occur during menopause due to the decrease of estrogen level in a woman’s body. Estrogen helps in resisting the infection by increasing the number of microorganisms that fight the bacteria which adhere in vaginal cells.
  • Other Effects. There are cases of sleep disorders, gum disorders, tooth loss, and wrinkles during menopausal stage. Women after menopause may experience glaucoma, muscular degeneration and cataract due to the lower estrogen content in the body. With these decrease of estrogen production during menopause, it should be dealt carefully because if not, it will lead to long-term health risks. It is advised that women should seek professional help during the time of menopause.

How to Deal With Women Menopause Aging?

Understanding menopause. A woman should understand what menopause is. She should accept that the hormone levels decline and ovulation ends. It is not an illness to be feared of and be prepared for the symptoms to come along with it.

Recognizing signs of menopause. If she noticed that she gained weight with the combination of irregular periods or hot flashes, she may reach the age of menopause. First, it should be understood why women gain weight during this stage. During this age, women are usually under stress so the body produces hormones particularly cortisol. This hormone prompts someone to indulge in sweet and fatty foods which are seemingly comforting. Once, she recognized and understood this, she could avoid the indulgence to fatty and sweet food to gain weight which will lead to health problems like heart disease.

Be healthy. She could adapt a healthy eating patterns and getting more active physically. This will also help in de-stressing. She should minimize junk foods and switch to fresh and healthy diet. Some kind of exercise such as yoga will help her getting more active and a way of de-stressing and relaxing.

Furthermore, she should pay more attention to healthy diet. For example, the diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetable, whole grain carbohydrates and sufficient protein. It is advised to       eat smaller meals than huge ones. She should not overeat nor feel too hungry.

Seek medical help. Moreover, seeking medical advice is better to find out more tips on how to     handle menopause carefully. This should not be taken for granted because woman’s health is at    stake.

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