Where to Watch for Credit Card Hacking

The data security company, TrustWave, recently put out information about where credit card hackers choose to find and steal your money.

38% in the hotel industry

18% in the financial services industry

14.2% in the retailing industry

13% in the restaurant and bars industry

The main reason for this is because people that have money usually travel and they stay in hotels. Also, during the recession, hotels try to save money and cut corners on security, unfortunately.

Many times hackers will make small purchases irregularly to see if it’s possible that they can get away with more purchases.

Some things you can do to prevent credit card hacking:

– Keep a very close eye on charges made, especially if you’re traveling.

– Use cash if you can.

– Shred financial statements.

– Spend less and make fewer purchases.

Information obtained from http://www.9newz.com/credit-card-hackers-visit-hotels-all-too-often. Information further discussed and blog post by Kate Valdovinos.

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