When Elder-Care homes Face Eviction

With the economy in turmoil as of late, many people have been forced to face foreclosure, not excluding those owning and operating Elder-Care homes. In fact in the Bay City area alone there have been over 100 fore closings of Elder Care homes.

In the case of an Elder-Care home foreclosing, the departments are usually set up and prepared to help the residents move to another home in the area, however sometimes the owner of the home won’t even tell the residents that they are being evicted. In cases such as this, things get a little more difficult, as the eviction still takes place, however, they “aren’t just going to kick people that can’t take care of themselves out on the street.” Really all that this does is prolong the foreclosure process.

Personally, I feel this whole system of housing and owning property we have intact is ridiculous. If you are a frequent reader of my blogs, I am sure you already know that I feel there Is much in this world that we need to change, and this is most definitely one of those things. The very fact that a persons home can be simply stripped out away from them in cases where they experience hard times is absurd. Why is this allowed? It’s so that the banks can make a profit. A person’s life is worth less compared to a banks financial assets, wonderful thought huh?

This problem gets further compounded when one looks at people that own far more land then they reasonably need. People that on acres and acres and acres of land that they rarely ever see and hardly ever use. Then there are people that own land all over and rent that land to others. This whole things wouldn’t be that big a deal if land was an ever increasing commodity, but it’s not. Population, however, is ever increasing. How is the new population supposed to acquire this already owned land? One might answer, that the previous owners die, but in the case of a corporation owning the land this is not true. Basically, we are forced to rent out our land from other owners, and in the case we can’t afford to do so, we end up sleeping in Walmart parking lots. I would say out in the streets, however in many places, sleeping in the streets is illegal.

This is a problem that effects everyone at all ages as we are constantly struggling to make our mortgage payments, pay our rent, or pay our land tax. Much like how I feel about food, I feel shelter is something that should simply be provided for, for everyone, free of charge. Now I say simply, but this solution would not be a simple one to implement (though it is far from impossible). I honestly do not yet have an idea on how to go about it, however, I definitely feel that this is how things should, and can, be.

People caring for family member suffering with dementia have enough to worry about already. Making sure their elder relatives don’t get evicted most definitely should not be on that list.

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