Veterans Benefits for Assisted Living, Home Care & Nursing Homes

There is so much misinformation being given to Veterans that it is very important to do more research. Example: I receive many phone calls from Veterans and families of Veterans stating they have been told they DO NOT qualify. They say they are not sure why they are calling me; but someone suggested they do because of misinformation. Bottom line is that these very people who were told they do not qualify ACTUALLY DO!!!
Here are examples of the most common misinformation:

1)you must have been injured in the war–WRONG
2)you had to be an officer–WRONG
3)you have to be retired military–WRONG
4)you have to be receiving a Service Connected disability– WRONG AGAIN!

Please share your stories, experiences and concerns. Together we can help each other. I sincerely look forward to helping each and every one of you, Bob Bober.


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