Understanding and Conversations More Meaningful

Any conversation, any argument, and lesson, any class, and just about any fight (excluding those based on the concept of greed) have one main goal in mind, and that is understanding. One side, or both sides, is trying to get the other to understand them. Even right now, I am trying to get anyone who reads this to understand understanding.

Understanding means more than just getting the simple message, but it also entails understanding the motives and intent behind the message. For example, I want you to move into a retirement center is a simple enough message to get across. However, that can be interpreted as, you want to get them out of your hair, or it can be interpreted as your care and concern for them thinks it might be best if they were to go to a retirement fascility. See, it is much more complicated than just the message. With that in mind, it's not just what you say, but how you say it.

Be Sensitive to Your Energy and Body Motions Sends a Message

It's the energy in your words as you say it, as well as the words you use. The way it is presented, to help lead to an interpretation that will best resemble the intended message, AND it's intended emotion behind it. I am sure many have you have heard the saying, “true learning comes from within” or “understanding comes from within”, but just with anything, actually UNDERSTANDING what these sayings mean is a very difficult process. They get tossed around and teased in martial arts parodies; however they hold true value in their inner meaning. They are 100% true that the only real teacher that exists is self. What I mean by this is: no matter how good the lesson is, how well the message is presented, how amazing the one delivering the lesson is at doing so, in the end, the person receiving the message still has to be the one to translate it and understand it.

Tips for Communication

There are many many many tools out there created to attempt to help aid one person relay their understanding to another person, or said from a different perspective, to help one person elay their perspective to another person. One of the oldest and best tools out there for this, is analogy and metaphor. Fables and “morals at the end of the story” have been used for millennia in order to help relay a particular understanding from one person to another, or from one person to a group of people. By following the story, or the situation, one can then relate it to the situations that occur in their own life and not just hear the message, but ACTUALLY understand it. This I believe is one of the major problems with our current schooling system as we do not test the understanding of the material so much as we do the ability to memorize the words used to attempt to relay the understanding. For example, if I told someone that the derivative of x^2 is 2x, they may now claim to know the derivative of x^2. But this does not mean they have any idea what a derivative is, though if the test asked them the question they would get it correct. Anyway, off track, the important thing to note here is to always do your best to understand the message, and the intended meaning behind it. Always do your best to relay your emotion, and not just the message. 

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