Travelling with Reduced Mobility: 5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Helpful Tips for Caregivers Traveling with a Disabled Family Member with Reduced Mobility

Travelling with a disabled person is not easy and could be somewhat stressful. But when travelling can’t be avoided, the best thing you can do is to think of ways to reduce the stress and have fun. Here are the five tips you should follow to make the entire trip enjoyable.

Travel Tips reduced mobility and Plan your trip.

Plan your trip ahead of time. As soon as you book the ticket or make the decision to travel, start making the list of the things you need which includes the medicines, available mobility aids, clothing requirement, etc. Aside from the checklist, do not forget to get a disability insurance.

Inform the airline for assistance you might need.

Once you made the booking, make sure to inform the airline that you will need assistance because you are travelling with an immobile person. Don’t just rely on verbal agreement. Make sure to get a written confirmation of your request. Have it printed and keep it throughout the trip. On the travel date, make sure to follow your schedule to avoid missing the flight. Airport assistance is almost free in all countries but don’t forget to give a tip.

Use mobility aids.

Either you are travelling overseas or domestic, do not forget to  use mobility aids.  You can use wheelchair, walkers or seated scooter. This will make everything easier while you are moving around and enjoying the trip. You don’t have to bring the mobility device straight from your home since there are companies where you can easily rent a wheelchair, walker or cane. You just have to make an early reservation for a convenient travel. If you can’t find any mobility aid rental provider in your destination, consider renting the device from the pharmacy.

Do not forget to bring the necessary medication.

If the person cannot move or walk properly because of medical condition or age, do not forget the medicine that you might need for the entire trip. It is also advisable to bring water and some food such as chips, biscuits and snacks. You might need these while waiting for your departure.

Bring an assistant with you.

Travelling with an immobile person could make the travel less enjoyable, especially if you also have kids travelling with you. If you think it is too much for you to handle, it might help if you would just bring an assistant with you. Maybe you can bring someone you know or a professional care giver to help you. Having an assistant who will look after the immobile person would make everything easier. It is true that you have to pay more if you hire an assistant but at least you can save yourself from all the stress and inconvenience.

Flying with an immobile person is a choice available to everyone. Family members or friends with reduced mobility should not be a hindrance to have a fun-filled travel. With the above-mentioned smart travelling tips, you can absolutely make the most of your trip.

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