Timeslips Workshops for Memory Loss

Memory Loss – Timeslips is a program created by Anne Basting which teaches caregivers a fun and worthwhile activity for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. In the exercise, caregivers navigate a discussion that allows patients or residents to create their own stories. The focus is on creating new stories instead of dwelling on trying to remember old ones. The story is then weaved into “a poetic collage.”

Memory loss is that they can’t remember things

The program began as a simple exercise but now is practiced all over the nation.

One of the biggest issues caregivers have when caring for their loved ones with memory loss is that they can’t remember things that they once cared about. This avoids this fear and sadness altogether by creating new memories while their loved one can exercise their mind.

Memory Loss Alzheimer’s and dementia

Someone explained that Alzheimer’s and dementia is similar to wanting to say something but simply not having the words to say it. When we lift expectations of what “should” be said or “should” be remembered, we ignore that road block. Timeslips is a great program. To find out more about attending a workshop, visit http://www.timeslips.org.

Memory Loss and Post by Kate Valdovinos

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