The Two Worlds of Existence

Many people nowadays are talking about what should and shouldn’t be taught to our children and our grandchildren. Curriculums are changing as people want to teach creationism in school and not talk about evolution at all. Well it is in response to all of this I wanted to explain some very basic philosophic principals to all of you. I hope you enjoy.

There are two worlds that exist when it comes to what we understand. The first world that exists is the world of our perception. What this means is, everything you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. This is the world consisting of all the bones we find, and all the experiments we run. It is the world consisting of all of everything that you and I deem reality.

The second world that exists is what I call, the philosophical world, the esoteric world, or the world of possibility. This is the one where we take into account all that may exist OUTSIDE of our perceptions. It is in this world where all religions lie. This world is literally one of endless possibilities, and these are all amazing to consider!! To think that you may be dreaming right now, and everything is a figment of your imagination? It is here, in this realm of thought that I could go on forever on the infinite possibilities of theories and ideas.

Ultimately all of world one acts under the premise that what we perceive is “real”. However, and all GOOD scientists know this, this is A VERY BIG ASSUMPTION. However, in order for our world to work, this is an assumption that MUST be made. Without this assumption there could be no technology, and no worldly progress.

As far as what is taught in schools… I agree that Evolution should be taught as a theory… Well, moreso Philosophy should be taught in school. By doing so, kids are aware of the two worlds, and thus know right from the start, that science itself is acting under A BIG ASSUMPTION. Philosophy takes into account all the possible theories that exist. It takes into account creationism, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, all of them AND MORE. The goal of philosophy is to find the Truth and the goal of science works on a basis of truth. The difference between truth and Truth is this:

truth (lower case t)is all we find out and learn under the principles of our perception. It is true that I am typing on a computer right now. It is true that a remote control turns on a TV because of the technology we put into it. this world itself is a truth. Evolution is a truth. It is a scientific conjecture that our senses tell us to be true, and therefore, it should be taught. HOWEVER (before you get upset), remember that truth, is acting under an assumption…

Truth (with a capital T), on the other hand… is absolute. This is what is true, no matter what, no way of arguing, always is. For example, I exist… is a Truth. You exist, is also a Truth. Now what you are and what I am can be argued. You may be a figment of my imagination, but even if that is what you are, you would still exist,. That is why you existing is a Truth. There is no way to object. Philosophy, attempts to find these greater Truths, and it does so through rational thought, theory, and discussion. Again, I could go on for a very long time about this subject. It is through this calm discussion, where people acknowledge theory and possibility, as well as beliefs, but don’t hold any of them to be fact, until proven to be a Truth, which a very hard thing to do. As long as someone, somewhere, can say another theory that is possible, it is not a Truth.


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