The True Cost for Assisted Living Care

Understanding the true cost Assisted Living Facilities can be a real eye opener when considering Home Care versus Placement

True Cost Assisted Living Care Facilities is the perfect housing arrangement for people in a transitional aging stage. However, few people planned for senior living care either because they think they won’t need such services or because their priority is saving their assets for their children. Fortunately, assisted living care facilities are available in different price points.

The cost depends on the residence, types of services needed, and apartment size. The basic rate usually covers all services, but there might be additional charging costs for special type of services.

There are many people saying that assisted living costs a lot more than living at home, but is that the truth? In some situations, yes, it does cost more, but in most cases, the assisted living cost is significantly less than home care cost.

Average Cost of Assisted Living

Needless to say, price depends on local supply and demand. The average cost ranges between $60-80 per day for the basics. The basics cover room and board, basic housekeeping, basic utilities, and meals.

Some facilities have individually assessed levels for assistance with daily living.  This is considered as an additional service and costs between $300-1200 per month. It includes additional meals, medication management, activities, personal care services, etc. The costs for these additional services are similar to Independent Living facility. However, it is less expensive that the $2,100-9,000/month for a long term care facility/nursing home.

Residents can typically choose from different apartment sizes and types, including one- and two-bedroom apartments, studio alcove, and studio. The base rate is determined by the apartment size, location, and availability of balcony or a private patio. While most seniors prefer larger apartments, it’s important to remember that the whole community becomes a home for every resident.

What are the states with the least expensive assisted living costs?

  • Missouri has a median monthly cost of $2,288
  • Alabama has a median monthly cost of $2,600
  • Georgia has a median monthly cost of $2,703
  • Kentucky has a median monthly cost of $2,720
  • Michigan has a median monthly cost of $2,850

What are the states with the most expensive assisted living costs?

  • Alaska has a median monthly cost of $6,000
  • New Jersey has a median monthly cost of $5,994
  • Delaware has a median monthly cost of $5,533
  • Connecticut has a median monthly cost of $5,000
  • Massachusetts has a median monthly cost of $4,950

Get Advice choosing true cost Assisted Living Facilities

Choosing the right option when it comes to caring for the elderly can be quite difficult, so having a knowledgeable adviser can be of a lot of help.

It’s all about the quality of life. Living in assisted living care facilities is equal to living at home. Living in an engaging and vibrant community with different daily opportunities for entertainment and social interaction is a great change of pace for elderly.

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