The Price of a Life

If someone were to ask you how much a human life is worth to you, how would you respond? Really there is no good way to put a price on a persons’ existence, but admit it or not, we do so every day. The very subject and idea carries a taboo with it as people are quick to state that, “You can’t put a value on life!!” Yet are slow to pay to help feed the people dying of starvation in the world. People won’t be quick to admit that we do indeed put a price on life so a denial system is established in order to not admit it to ourselves.

The first step of the denial system people use to protect our ego from thinking that we are indeed putting a price on a life is to create imaginary borders of separation. A common response that may be raised to the ideas of helping a foreigner (such as the starving in a 3rd world country) would be, “Well we have to deal with America first” As though being American increases the value of a life. The idea that resonates in that response can be taken even further when looking at things such as status which can further “raise the value of a life”. This is seen when we look at the lengths gone to protect those in power, or to treat a sick celebrity.

So yes, as little as we don’t want to admit it, we do put specific value to lives every day. Do I agree with it? Not at all, but at the same time, I am not going to be so blind as to pretend like we don’t do it. As harsh as it may sound, I can completely understand why Medicare wouldn’t want to cover a $8000 a month medication, even if that person needs it to survive. AGAIN, I will note that this is not at all how I personally believe things in the world should run, but in the current system and things currently are, I couldn’t possible blame Medicare for making the same types of decisions people do everyday. This is the way our world is currently working, and this is how money flows.

It’s not that I don’t value the life of the person needing the medication so much as I don’t value their life more than the life of anyone else, and there are lot of people in this world who need help. I honestly feel the system itself needs to go as our values are all wrong… Things like food, shelter, and healthcare should not be things that cost money. It should be the primary goal of society to ensure these things be provided at the highest quality to everyone free of charge. The immediate response that idea will get from just about anyone who reads it is, that would be nice, but it’s not possible… Well I’ll agree that it isn’t possible in the system we currently have, or at least it would come at a “high cost”… This is the main reason I feel a new system should be implemented, and our goals re-evaluated. These things ARE possible, they just take desire, effort, and determination to implement. It would take a large group of people with the desire to come to a mutual understanding and create a world with everyone’s best interests in heart. An egoless society.. 🙂

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