The Presence Process by Michael Brown

The Presence Process is a book by Michael Brown and is “A healing journey into present moment awareness,” designed to help you forgive emotional burdens and live freely in the moment.

Through conscious breathing and weekly lessons, Brown helps the reader always live in the moment and return “to our authentic state of spontaneous joy and creativity in a manner that requires no artificial instruments or outer activities It requires only a conscious and disciplines use of our attention and intention.”

Each session begins with a “Presence Activating Statement” which is to be remembered and thought of for seven days. Some of them are “I respond consciously to all my experiences,” “I feel safe in this body,” and “I invite myself to be spontaneously joyful.”

Some of the lessons are “Rescuing Our Child Self,” “Decreasing Our Negative Emotional Charge,” Cooling Off the Ego,” “Taking Charge of the Negative,” and “Activating Peace of Mind Through Forgiveness.”

Brown believes that “activating present moment awareness is not only the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, it is also the most responsible contribution we can make to our humanity.” He encourages the reader to understand negative emotions and find the root of them in order to safely and effectively let them go.

The conscious breathing is one of the exercises that gives you power over your mind and is a form of mediation.

The author also states that if we are going through a life-changing time in our lives or a very stressful time, completing the presence process may be difficult. However, with its help, it can make future stresses much more manageable.

Post by Kate Valdovinos


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