The Important Things

With the economy in turmoil with no real say what the future brings, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of what’s really important. Oftentimes in today’s world, the important things seem to get lost in the chaos and turmoil of all we do. We may feel lost and forget completely what our priorities are supposed to be. If you have food, you have shelter, and you have good company well then you have it all, even if that company is a good book or a blank canvas.

If you are one of the everybody who is struggling in the world today, just take a moment to remember that you still have food. Appreciate this time as a time to remember what a “need” actually is. You don’t actually “need” that Margaritaville as much as you may have thought. :-p.

The next time you have time, spend it doing something fun and free either by yourself or with someone you love. If you are “alone”, then take the time to appreciate all you are, and if not, take the time to enjoy all you have. I will most likely be going to the Beach tomorrow :).

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