Terminal Healthcare

It is estimated that taking care of terminal patients costs about 25%of our current budget, and the question was raised as to whether or not this is worth it. This question takes some careful deliberation before actually forming an opinion.

Firstly, what exactly defines terminal care? Is it when a person is on their deathbed? When a person has aides? When a person goes to the hospital? I mean after all, we are all putting off the seemingly inevitable every time we get treatment. From this perspective, when can we draw the line on when it’s no longer worth it? When can we say, well now it’s just time for you to go peacefully?

Well honestly, I believe the answer is in that question. When is it time to go Peacefully. One of the hardest things a person has to do in their life is face death. We do it in different ways, through different experiences. We all wonder about it frequently, and we create many many theories on what life and death is. We theorize on what happens afterward, and some feel we just decompose, and there is no more. My personal beliefs and theories are not what’s important here, so I won’t get into them But no matter what, we all have to face the idea of death at some point. Some just do it more than others by thinking philosophically.

The trick at this point, is becoming not afraid, even ready to the best of our abilities. Ultimately death is the BIG UNKNOWN. We don’t know what it is, what it means, or what happens when we die. We can claim we know, but we don’t. At best we have theories and beliefs, but no true knowledge. We can find solace and these theories and beliefs, but when the time comes, it is still ultimately a big unknown.

Facing the unknown is a dreadfully scary process Especially when the amount of unknowing is 100%. Usually we have at least something to go by, or people to help, like in school. We know that we live on through everyone we’ve effected in life, after all, we come apart of who they are.. But still, what happens to “us”.

Hehe, ok, back to topic before I get into my own theories J. The point is, terminal healthcare has a great deal of importance as it helps a person prepare to take that final leap. It helps relatives face the idea of death as well. It helps everyone to continue, as sad as a process as it may be. So yes, to an extent it is VERY important.

However, at the same time, limits need to be placed. I vote a price limit be set, which essentially places a time limit on the situation. Something reasonable of course, though I am not educated enough to give a number. I would love to hear other peoples thoughts and comments on this, so please post if interested!! Though I would appreciate keeping theories on life and death out of it. That’s for a philosophical forum which I would also love to talk to any of you about


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