Sun Protection Medication

Are you taking a sun protection medication that makes your skin sensitive to sunlight?

During the summer months, it is especially important to research your medication and take precautions from the sun if necessary. Here are some tips from Consumer Reports on Health:

  • Seek shade: Avoid walking in areas without trees and try to walk on the side of the street that has more shade if you are outside. Also, the early afternoon hours are when the sun is hottest for us on Earth, so it’s best to avoid it at that time if possible.
  • Choose the right sunscreen: Remember to use sunscreen with an SPF recommended by your dermatologist, not just what you think is best. Consumer Reports on Health recommend using an SPF of at least 30. Also remember that even if you don’t get a sun burn, the sun can still damage your skin.
  • Cover up: Wearing hats that cover up your face and your neck are best, but also wearing a long sleeve, loose shirt can help protect you. Remember if your clothes are too tight, it just traps your body heat in, making it more uncomfortable.
  • Take medication at night if possible: Consumer Reports on Health says that it “reduces the amount of it in your system during daylight, lowing the risk of a skin reaction.”

Sun Protection Medication and Post by Kate Valdovinos.

Information obtained from Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 22 Number 8.

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