Steps to Take After a Sudden Senior Fall

A sudden senior fall can be very harmful or at the least startling to an elderly person. In the case of a sudden fall it is best to be calm and relaxed. Start out by taking some deep breaths and remain still on the floor. This will help you to stay calm and let you access if you are injured. Often time the natural instinct is to attempt to stand erect, but don’t! You do not want to try and get up too fast and risk hurting yourself more by getting up in the wrong manner.

Once you access whether you are capable of standing and have a sense of balance, proceed slowly by rolling onto your side. Next, get up on your hands and knees and crawl over to a sturdy chair. Place your hands on the seat of the chair and move one foot forward so it lays flat on the floor. After that bend the other leg so that your knee is sturdy on the floor. From this position slowly pull your body up and rotate your body till your sitting in the chair. If you are hurt and can’t get up yell for help or call 911. Stay calm and remain in a comfortable position until help does arrive.

It is important that after any type of sudden senior fall you alert your physician so you can be treated properly. The physician may recommend home physical therapy under Medicare Part A or outpatient physical therapy under Medicare Part B if you are experience any weakness or functional decline.

Simple solutions of sudden senior fall

Sometimes even simply checking your hearing as the inner ear relates to balance can be the problem. Simple solutions, can all be preventive measures in staying active and allowing you to age in place. Even an emergency repose unit may provide you the safety you need to live life to the fullest and maintain your daily activities. The repose unit could be as simple as a bracelet or button that is connected through the phone line. This will communicate with emergency response teams as soon as you push the button. Keep in mind there is a monthly fee for this, but it’s definitely can provide peace of mind. To avoid dizziness, weak muscles, or even falling it’s good to exercise regularly and do physical activities every day. As we all know we get weaker with age so it’s good for the body to be active and the blood flowing.

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