Senior Living Options For Aging In Place

Are you thinking of hiring an In-home caregiver or considering to move in to a senior retirement community? 

While the responsibility of taking care of an aging parent or family member may seemed taxing, setting up a home to fulfill retirement desires doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Ultimately the decision to convert a home into a safe living environment versus a move into an assisted living community is personal preference and the desire of the elderly should really take into account safety, health, cost and socialization.

Services such as in home care services allows senior citizens the ability to age in place.   There are pros and cons of aging in the comfort of homes.  It is best to assess social habits, overall support by family members, health care needs and monthly expenses when determining what is most beneficial care options. What is the best living arrangement is an individual  is really best depends on your current living situation and solution is individualized based on need.

Helpful Tips to Consider When Evaluating Living Options During Retirement

When evaluating whether to hire a home caregiver for a loved one or to move into an assisted living community, one must first evaluate both options and consider the desires of your loved one.

  • Communicate

Find out what the realistic desires are of your loved one .   Discuss with them the cost and social benefits of a senior retirement community versus the management of a home.

In considering living options it is best to be able to meet the needs and desires of an aging parent and evaluate both options.  What works for someone else may not always be best for your situation as the decision for the most appropriate senior housing options carries both a mental and physical toll on family life.

  • Home Care Services

Depending on where care is needed, hiring a licensed home care professional can be a cost effective solution based on your current living situation. The national average of personal care at home is roughly $21/hour.  Unless the family encourages socialization and the opportunity for a hired caregiver to accompany the client/patient to social outings, placement at a care community may be more suitable.

Helpful questions to help determine appropriateness of home care services versus assisted living placement.

What is the monthly maintenance for managing a home?

  • Homeowners association fees

  • Electricity

  • Heating/gas

  • Telephone

  • Security

  • Pest control

  • Cable/Satellite

  • Pool/yard maintenance

Optional Housing – Independent Living with a Private Caregiver

If an aging parent needs limited assistance, perhaps a move to an active senior living community may be smart.  This will allow two to three meals to be provided with monthly rental units great for budget conscious individuals.  Cost for monthly rental apartment in an independent living community with private duty for certain hours needed throughout the day allows for socialization and assistance when needed by contracting a personal caregiver to assist from time to time.

Is the house paid for? If the house were to be sold, would it make more sense to use the proceeds from the sale of the house for assisted living? If funds were used from the sale of a home, how long will the funds last?

By taking the time to assess all living options can really help create a happy dwelling for a loved one during retirement.  It is best to consider all options and really communicate with your loved one as to what is best for their needs.

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