Senior Corps Offers Help Where It’s Needed

Senior Corps has many great opportunities for people over 55 to get involved with their senior living community.

One program is called Senior Companions which connects volunteers with people with disabilities or that need help with day-to-day tasks.

Senior Corps and Retired Nurse

They also have a program called RSVP that matches the volunteer’s professional skills with an organization that could use them. For instance, Senior Corps may ask a retired nurse to give immunizations at a local non-profit shelter or ask a retired builder to offer their services with a non-profit housing project.

Another great program that Senior Corps has is the Foster Grandparent Program. Volunteers are connected with young children in school that have a difficult time learning. The volunteer is matched with a student based on their needs.

I watched a video about the Foster Godparent Program and it was very inspiring. It showed three volunteers talking about their experience in the Foster Godparent Program with one of the children they are teaching.

One man said that there is a 40% drop-out rate for middle school children in his area and this program is saving lives because it keeps kids in school. If children are taught the basics of reading, it makes future schoolwork possible. The video also interviewed a teacher who said that she is thrilled to have volunteers in the class because they offer her students one-on-one coaching that is sometimes not possible when there are 30 kids in class.

Senior Corps is a national organization, so check to see if there are any existing programs in your area!

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Senior Corps and Post by Kate Valdovinos

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