Beware of Scams

Protecting From Senior Citizens Scams

As the economy gets worse, the number of scams increase and our seniors and disabled are the most vulnerable communities to these scam artists. We offer these tips in order to help you increase your financial safety. Free Annual Credit Report By law, you are entitled to one free credit report per year. There is only one government-affiliated program where this is available for free: AnnualCreditReport.Com. Its phone number is 1-877-322-8228. Information is available at the Federal Trade Commission website:

All other websites are commercial, for-profit, and/or out to get your financial information.

HR 5140 Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

This was a law designed to provide economic stimulus through debt relief. However, many private companies offer services and mention the Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (HR 5140 Economic Stimulus Act of 2008). Do not assume that any of these entities are affiliated with or endorsed by the government. For the most part they are advertisements using a government program to lure you into calling them. Don’t.

Calls Not Initiated By You

If someone calls you and asks for money, do not give them any information. Recently a client received a call that a relative was in jail and needed bail money. After emptying her bank account, the client found out that this was a scam. Beware; there are many other creative scams out there. When in doubt, get a phone number from the caller and then call someone and have them help you check out the information. If necessary, call the police. About SilverCensus: SilverCensus is an unbiased senior living and health services resource where consumers are educated on options, facilities & rights. Our services are completely free for seniors and their caregivers as well as Hospital Case Managers & Social Workers who are committed to proper discharge. Clients include assisted living residences, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing homes, home healthcare agencies, HUD developments & independent living communities. We also provide free VA assistance for Veterans and their spouses. Our Care Managers are standing by 24/7 at 888-776-1311 or through the web at: …a GoliathSilverCensus Company

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