A Better Understanding and Appreciation of the Importance of the Internet

Using the Internet During Retirement Years

Allowing Consumers to Research Products and Services at Home

Senior Care Internet Importance

Senior Care Internet Importance and it’s easy to think about that a lot of time is wasted on the Internet. There’s a sea of information that can take up time that could be spent outdoors doing something more worthwhile. Users are isolated and alone. That is the outdated way to view the Internet. When it first started getting popular in the 1990s, websites provided one-way communication. Users went to obtain information about a company or a product. Information was found and used and then the computer was shut off. Nowadays, most websites provide two-way communication. Sites require you to login and give feedback. More websites allow for niche products and information. There are online communities where people with specific ideas can meet and discuss things. People can now safely meet their real-life neighbors online, find out about an event in their area, and meet face-to-face to create new friendships. Unfortunately, many people still think of the Internet with its outdated version. The truth is, there are tons of websites that can connect you with the world around you. Here are a few examples of online communities that will end up getting you outside:

Facebook and Senior Care Internet Importance

If you have a Facebook account, yu may become a fan or a friend of organizations, communities, or businesses that you like. They often post events that they’re having or are participating in, which can include farmers markets, fairs, bike races, or other group activities. These will show up in your ‘Feed’ when you click on the ‘Home’ tab at the top right of the page or in the events’ section on the right side of the Home’ page. You also get notified when friends are attending public events as well.

Meet Up and Senior Care Internet Importance

In Meet Up site you can find like-minded people who simply want to get together with other people and do things that they enjoy like going to dinner with friends, reading books, playing board games, hiking, ghost hunting – you name it they do it all.

CraigList and Senior Care Internet Importance

Craiglist site is basically the classified ads section online but is much easier to read, use, and understand. It’s broken down into many different groups, where you can find classes, free things, things for sale, jobs, even dating (though I recommend being extremely cautious with this – there are some strange things posted on those pages.)

Yelp and How Senior Citizens can use it during Retirement

On Yelp website, we primarily see business reviews, but will end up showing you tons of restaurants or businesses that you never know existed in your area. It’s also fun to give your opinion on businesses that you like (and don’t).

Weather and Planning Your Day

Weather.com page may fit into the ‘older’ one-way communication websites.  It still provides you with local weather information in your area. Simply type in your zip code in the box at the top. After you view the weather report in your area, you can find the averages and weather statistics in your area by clicking on ‘Details,’ then at the bottom of the list of days, click ‘Averages.’ These are great websites to start exploring. Once you get more comfortable, you will most likely find many more websites. These websites or the people you meet can surely provide you with even more chances for interaction with your community or like-minded people. Just remember to be careful when interacting. The five websites listed are legit websites, but the people you may interact with aren’t always. Be sure to do further research and if you know someone else who uses the Internet, ask them if they’ve heard of something you’re curious about. Remember to have fun! The Internet is a tool that can be intimidating, but getting used to it is the first step. No one will ever be able to understand everything that’s online, and it’s not necessary to even try. If you don’t like a particular website, find another one that suits you better. There is really an unlimited amount of information at your fingertips that can be used to greatly enrich your life. Post by Kate Valdovinos.

Senior Care Internet Importance

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