Self Medication

As many of you I am sure could guess, I am a firm believer in self medication. I feel that a person should be able to mostly diagnose themselves and with proper education choose their own medication of choice. A doctor visit and prescription is still good to prevent misuse, to double check a person’s information, to give a second opinion, or to point out information missed (such as their own diagnosis). However, in the end, it should still for the most part be the patient’s decision.

This sort of thing carries with it all sorts of problems though. The first issue of course being people’s overall misunderstanding and lack of education about disorders, diseases, and conditions. The second is people’s misunderstandings and lack of education about potential sources of medication and relief. In addition to the lack of education, there is also the misleading information and purposely left out information all used as marketing tools for specific problems.

Five good examples of this sort of thing can be found at the following website. Here the doctor goes over some common non prescription medicines used every day that carry with them some less than advertised side effects as well as some misleading information on what the products do at all.

Education as well as the end of manipulation are the answers to all of this. The problem is manipulation is a key part to how marketing works as it is good for business to make the product seem to be as appealing as possible.

I know I once bought a piece of fuzz with a string attached to it for $3, because of the way they made it appear that there was something more to it in the the advertising all around the product. They had a video, a big display, and explained the secret to how it works is inside!! This should not be how business is conducted. It’s misleading and wrong. These same sorts of strategies get used for larger businesses and products all the time, and until that changes, it is up to us to stay on our toes when choosing products, and when CHOOSING our medications.


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