Choosing a Place to Retire Part 2: Near Relatives?

Retirement Planning

Planning Retirement Near Relatives Should Not Be Stressful

I mentioned in my previous article that one of the important questions to consider is whether or not you want to retire near your relatives. This is a very important factor to take into account as it can severely limit ones options pending on the answer. As with most things in life, finding the answer to this question will take balancing out one’s own desires and necessities. As such the process will be different for everyone, but let’s look at how it may go.

What to Consider Before Retiring Near Family

First thing to consider is the idea of how much you NEED your family around you. Are you reliant on them for mobility? For finances? For emotional support? For any other reason? And if so, how important is it that these things be fulfilled? The next thing to think about is, how much do you WANT to be near your family? Again, this process is going to be different for everyone pending on situations. Some people may need their family, but not really want to be near them very much. Then some may not need their family at all, but couldn’t stand to be away from them. This particular factor is most dependent on the strength of the bond that exists. The bond itself is dependent on a whole bunch of factors such as emotional connectedness and benefits gained from being close to each other. It is also important to consider all parties in the equation.

Communication is Key To Keeping Stress Low During the Golden Years

Communication is an important part of this process in order to ensure that no one is misunderstanding the situation. I know for me, it is quite difficult to relate to anyone that is retiring. I know in my personal situation right now, I want to be very far away from my family. Like, other side of the world far away. Though, I currently still need help getting on my feet, which makes it difficult to get away. I am currently exploring all my options, figuring out what my goals are, and trying my best to achieve them. Since I do not want to be near my family, I will need a friend or so in a place I would like to go. SO I am managing my connections and finding more connections in order to help find this assistance I need to live. It is a difficult process, and I have to put up with m family while going through it, but all and all, it’s not too horrible. Different phases in life with different problems, similar in ways, as they both require the same thought process in order to come to solutions. Just like with everything, it’s a matter of dissecting the problem, and taking it one step at a time. For this situation, if family is a necessity for you, make sure to choose somewhere not to far from home so frequent visits can occur!

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