Resting and Sleep

Now here are some concepts I, much like most of the world, can’t say I know all that much about. Well, I have learned about the cycles of sleep, and the different kinds of brainwaves emitted when a person sleeps But what does this really tell us about this phenomenon? It is crazy to think about how little we actually know about sleep, yet at the same time, it was one of the first things life evolved. As long as life has existed, there has existed sleep.

We all do it every night, some more than others. Bears and insects do it for months at a time. It is when we sleep that our bodies process all our daily events and turn them into long term memories. It is when and where practice turns into instinct. And it is where we dream.

Dreams themselves are just as peculiar as the idea of sleep. We all dream every time we sleep, though many of us don’t always remember our dreams. Some forget they’ve dreamt at all. But we all know we’ve had a dream at some point. We’ve all been in that realm of anything being possible, and many of us have had some crazy dreams that they may never understand.

Some of us have what is called a lucid dream A dream in which they know they are sleeping. In this kind of dream, some gain control of their dream and can do whatever it is they please Be it fly, create, or just play. Some of us have incredibly vivid dreams. Dreams that feel so real, the person might as well be awake. I know that’s the category I fit into most frequently. I sometimes dream lucidly, though that’s much rarer. I almost always dream vividly.

So what is it? Why is it? Is it a waste of time or just something to be enjoyed? I of course have plenty of theories on this subject, though no definitive answer. It is without a doubt an exploration into a person’s consciousness. A delve into a person’s mind and a look at all their thoughts, conscious and not. I think it is essentially the meeting ground of all a person is; their understandings, their lack of understandings, their hopes, their loves, and their fears. The things keeping them going as well as the things holding them back, all meet in this space in the mind, at the time when a person sleeps.

I know I personally love sleep, and I do it a lot. I like to sleep about 10-12 hours a day, which I know is absolutely insane. It leaves my days short, though they still always seem plenty long. I have trouble sleeping at night, and oftentimes have trouble bringing myself to go to bed But then have even more trouble getting myself to wake up. None the less, I love sleeping. Even when I have nightmares I enjoy sleeping. I like exploring my dreams and trying to understand where they come from, and what they are.

I enjoy sleep. How about all of you? I am curious to hear ideas on sleep, so please feel free to leave comments. Let me know what you think about the subject. J


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