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Proper Care for Senior Citizens

I briefly mentioned in the article on Medicare that I believe that every person in this country should be guaranteed the basics. “I honestly feel that every person in this country should be guaranteed certain rights from birth including; basic food, basic shelter, and basic medical care.” I want to talk about this further addressing a topic many of you will quickly relate to and that is this sub-par care some seniors are subjected to. In the above blog I talk about how seniors with large capital get to essentially live in resorts, while at the same time, collecting medicare to help cover some of these costs. But what about seniors that have worked hard their whole lives yet can't afford the extra million dollars to stay in one of those resorts?

Taking it a notch further, what if they can't much afford any help at all? Does their lack of funding mean they deserve less than adequate care? Of course not! Every citizen in this country is entitled to the basics needed for survival. In fact, we should do our best to provide as much as we can to everyone, if we have the ability to do so. As we get older, what we need for survival changes, and what we deserve should change along with it. Now again, I am not saying everyone deserves a Persian rug, no matter how much you claim you may need it. But if you can no longer get around the house on your own, you deserve help in doing so, and you deserve help that cares. Too often do we hear stories of inadequate treatment at nursing homes, or basic abuse of the elderly, but how do we go about changing this?

Of course one thing that always speaks is money. As we saw, seniors with sufficient funds essentially get to live in the lap of luxury without much a problem. Now the question is what about those with little to no funds? In addition to being placed somewhere, how do we make sure the help is truly caring help? Well first, companies like silvercensus play a big role in helping seniors get the care they deserve by getting to know each client personally, what they can afford, and by touring the facilities they recommend themselves. By doing so they help ensure a senior in need gets the best help they can afford. The next step is making sure that all seniors can afford to get at the very least, quality help. This is a step in need of an organized properly funded government organization, and is far more complicated. It requires both funding, and caring individuals to check on government help agencies to make sure the care is well, caring. Many ask where these funds could possibly come from, but I say we already have programs that should be essentially doing this already. I am talking about Medicare and Medicaid. We all deserve the basics to what we need, and we deserve those basics to be of quality. Don't throw grubs at a homeless person and claim you are helping him eat. If we are going to do things, let's do them right. 

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