OXO Creates Universal Designs For All People

Universal Designs – OXO is a company that makes home-care gadgets that are universally designed for easy-gripping and ease-of-use. Their website has information about products for cooking, cutlery, serving & entertaining, silicone textiles, tea kettles, spice grinders, cleaning, trash cans, organizing, gardening, and hardware.

Universal Designs and Common-Sense

From the website, it looks as though all of the handles are easy to grip and the design is very sleek. Some of the products have what I call a “common-sense” design, which occasionally is different from the conventional design of things we are used to.

For instance, their toothbrush holder comes with a cover to protect them from flying germs that are everywhere in the bathroom, especially from flushing the toilet with the lid up. Also, their ice cream scoop has a tipped point to dig in better than the conventional rounded ice cream scoops.

They also offer things like mini staplers, “chord catchers” that prevent chords from falling off your desk, and 16 different tongs.

In general, the prices are on the high end of affordable, but you can use the store locator on the website to find a store near you to save on shipping costs. Their website is www.oxo.com.

Universal Designs and this blog was posted by Kate Valdovinos.

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