Nutrition Helpful Tips for Elderly with Dementia

Nutrition Helpful Tips – Good nutrition includes good hydration. The average person should drink at least 8 full glasses of water each day. People with dementia require additional water due to physical activity and/or medications.

Don’t like to drink water? Try offering Jell-O or popsicles to eat – they have similar properties as drinking a glass of water.

People with dementia may have difficulty using a fork or spoon. To make things easier for them, try utilizing finger foods in your meal planning. For example, use tater tots instead of mashed potatoes.

People with dementia may need extra help during meals, but you should be aware of how you are providing assistance. To avoid causing any embarrassment, food should be cut up prior to serving. Also, try using a washable apron versus a “bib” during meals to catch spills.

If your loved one is not eating well, they may be overwhelmed by what and how much is being served. One tip is to provide individual small portions of each food in separate bowls, served one at a time.

The physical environment plays a big role in how well a person with dementia eats. The dining environment should be calm and free from distractions. The table should have placemats where the plate can easily be seen. Utensils and glassware should be easy to grasp and properly weighted.

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