Niche Retirement Communities

A new type of retirement community has started to pop up, and that is one that serves to the tastes of a specific crowd. For example Nikkei Senior Gardens is a retirement community that opened last year in Arletta that is designed to specifically appeal to retired Japanese Americans. Other communities like this exist for artists, university alums, the gay community, and RV’ers.

I feel this is an absolutely amazing idea and it make me wonder how it has not been thought of earlier. There are market segments at all ages, but for seniors and retirement centers, we tend to just clump them all together into one segment. Regardless of the person’s interests or past, the one home fits all idea seems to be what we use the most. Grant it, there is some variation within between retirement homes, but nothing close to the variation that exists between different clicks of people. A main reason for this could be that for a very long time, due to how late in life it was people were entering these homes, oftentimes they seemed to mesh onto a few basic principles; relaxation, quiet, and health.

Well as people are living longer and longer and staying more healthy for the entire span of their life, their desire to keep up their interests rises with their age. With this in mind one has to think, the market segments that exist in the younger ages will just grow with the populous, and even potentially create new market categories as new interests bloom… Like nice retirement communities. Imagine if these communities themselves were like clubs to both join and live at. In a way it could be more like joining a fraternity or sorority than what it is today.

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