Our memories really are what define us as a person. Now when I say this, I am not saying that without are memories, we cease to exist, nor am I saying that are memories are necessary to be a person. However, what I am saying is that a set of memories creates and distinguishes one person from another. It is those set of memories, be them conscious or subconscious, that define all that person fears, loves, and essentially is. Now one could argue that there exists an instinctual set of ideas that we are born with, and in fact there does, but we could even call those memories of the spirit or DNA that go into defining our species upon birth.
Every memory in life, every experience we undergo, effects who we are No matter how insignificant the experience may seem. Every person you meet, see, pass on the street becomes a part of you even if you only glimpse at them for a second. This is true, for even if you choose to not react at all to their presence, this is still a subconscious choice that will either enforce or break apart some previous ideals and beliefs you may process.

One can think of a memory as a fraction of ourselves, a lesson that continues to teach, or a feeling we enjoy learning from. Every time we remember an environment, situation, or emotion. That experience reenters our existence and becomes even more a part of our self.

To think of this in another way, you can think of each memory as a person. Some people pass right by, only affecting you for a second, but SOME, stick around for a really long time. You may not see that person every day, however, every time you see that person you are re-experiencing their company, and they become a greater part of you. A memory is like a person that is still in your life, and even though we may not think about it everyday, every time we do think about it, that memory continued to effect us. Sometimes in a way we may deem positive, sometimes in a way we may deem harmful.

Remembering a traumatic experience is something that is very difficult to deal with. However, that memory does not always have to be negative, as one can look at it as a way they learned and grew. Only when we feel we are unable to handle the memory, or the experience, is when it begins to tear us apart. For those in which that is the case, bear in mind that the simple fact that it has become a memory is proof enough alone that you WERE able to handle the experience (as joyful or not as it may have been), and therefore, you can handle the memory and you can let is pass. With all this said what about those with no memories, or those who are losing their memory? I will talk about this in my next blog :).

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