Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s

The last type of memory issue I will talk about, and the one that I am sure most of the people reading this will have the most experience reading this is with cases of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. This may be one of the most difficult types of memory loss to deal with especially for those of which the person can no longer remember. The hardest part, most likely being, the inability to remind them, or build up new memories. This is difficult for so many reasons as it feels like you are losing somebody close to you, and in some ways you are. But just like a person with amnesia, in a case like this it’s important to see that the person once known is still there. However, unlike with amnesia, in this type of memory loss, brain deterioration can actually affect subconscious memories and the lessons learned as well. When this is the case, the person is truly being lost (the term person here being used to refer more so to an identity or ego than the life). It is much like having someone close to you die, except in many ways more difficult because it brings one to see a different side of death. If somebody simply dies, we can create all sorts of theories and ideas as to what happens to them, however in the case of memory loss, it’s plane to see what is happening. It causes sadness and the questioning of the value of ones own memories. It may make them feel unimportant or insignificant. Probably, the same sort of insignificance one feels when gazing at the sky at night, or when learning that our life is but 1 of 6 billion on a planet that is but of literally countless that exist. That one lifetime is but a spec within the timeline of forever. How could one possibly see a positive side to this?

Well, when looking at things that way, it’s not really possible. This is where the idea of the moment comes in handy, and this is why so many people talk about living in the moment. When looking at the long scale of things, either past or future, it is incredibly easy to feel insignificant. In fact, no matter how big or important you are as a person or what you leave behind, chances are in a few thousand years, there will be no MEMORY of you. This is why it is so important to focus on each moment as it happens. Thinking about “self” importance over time, will almost always leave ones “self” lost.

This person losing their memories is still there for you to enjoy the company of. And even if they don’t remember your company the next day, this doesn’t mean that they didn’t enjoy having you at the moment, nor does it mean that they wouldn’t enjoy your time tomorrow. In fact, they will almost always enjoy your time, no matter how many times you tell the same story or joke, it will always be enjoyable, and they will always laugh. It is much like how a child will watch the same movie or TV show over and over and over and over and over. (you get the idea) and they always love it.

In many ways, just like with the amnesia patient, this sort of memory loss can give a person the opportunity to see why they enjoyed spending time with the person in the first place. The feeling of enjoyment does not come from the creation of new memories. In fact, it is quite the other way around, the new memories stem from the feeling of enjoyment (or other intense feeling, but in this case we’ll use enjoyment). So spend time with them, and enjoy your time spent with this. Don’t focus on the future or the past when doing so, as feeling lost in his case is almost impossible to avoid. Simply enjoy the moment and enjoy their smile at the time it is there. <3's Health Blogs


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