Memories Lost, No Memories Had

So I spoke in my last blog about memory and about how it essentially defines us as A person. However what about those who are losing their memories, lost their memory, and those with no memory at all (infants). This is a very touchy subject and holds room for much debate as it encompasses the eternal question of what is self. Who are we really, and what defines a person as a whole. Well I won’t go into all of that quite here and now, as that question would take about 40 pages to yet still be unanswered.

First, we will talk about infants, a person, who is not really a person yet. An infant has no fear and really exists as just a ball of love, instinct, and innocence. This is true, not just for humans, but for infants of any mammalian species, and possibly other species as well. When first born, all that exists are the preliminary factors stemming from the DNA as well as instinctual knowledge, one has to say also stemming from DNA. An infant does not really know anything, and some would claim it’s at this stage that we know everything BY knowing nothing, but again, that discussion is best left for another time. Having no memories means having no attachments, and just being content whenever the body doesn’t hurt. It means that everything around you is a new learning experience and a new adventure. Everything that exists could literally be anything, and once you realize that doors exist, anything could be a door. What lies behind any door could be anything, and therefore anything could be anywhere with anything lying behind it! Everything is amazing, and everything is new. Ths would be the reason why a baby always seems fascinated with wide eyes trying to see all they can. Every site, every experience, every memory created, is a new adventure.

Now a person who has lost their memories, let’s say through a bump on the head, has NOT truly lost all their memories. They may no longer be able to remember who you are, who they are, what anything is, but they still have many many subconscious memories holding tight. They still know what a door is, they still know what a word is, and they still no how to speak. They still have “instinctual” fears built in from these subconscious memories. (This idea brings a new realm of thinking to where it is instincts come from eh?) Does this mean that the person lost them self? Are they still who they were before the memory loss? Well in these type scenarios, the answer would be both yes and no. All of the emotional lessons that person has taken into account are still in place. Though the person may not remember from where these lessons and ideas came from, the ideas are still very firmly intact. (Again, deeper thought on the idea of instincts). This means that the life in which that person lived is still very much ingrained within them. All that was that person is still there, even if they do not remember how exactly they go to that point. In many ways, this sort of experience could be a good way for those around the person to get to know who that person really is. With memories gone, their will be no false impressions or implications made. If that person was pretending to be someone else in order to impress you, this will no longer be the case as they no longer know who you are to impress. Memory loss of this type can be the ultimate test to a relationship in many way. The biggest one being, how well did you really know the person in the first place?

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