Medicare Home Health Care Agencies Are Not All The Same

Medicare Home Health Care Agencies

It’s Patient’s Choice When Selecting a Medicare Home Health Care Agency

After a recent trip to your Mom’s primary care physician, her doctor suggests home health care services to monitor mom’s health that seems to be declining.  At first you are a little surprise, a stranger in the house? What if they steal from her?  After thinking about it, a visiting nurse coming to the home may not be such a bad thing.

What Medicare Participants Receive From Home Health Care at Home

A Medicare Home Health Care Agency is not a bad thing.  A doctor order’s home health care services for patients that are homebound and warrants the needs of a visiting nurse and/or home physical/occupational therapy.

What Medicare Participants Need to Know About How Home Health Care Works

1. There are no co-pays or deductibles required to receive home health care services.  A patient has to be in agreement or the power of attorney over care and allow services in the home.  This occurs during the initial start of care.

2.  Start of care normally occurs within 24-48 hours after a doctor orders home care.  For example, if a patient is discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing and rehab facility on a Friday, a visiting nurse normally calls and schedules a visit for the next day after discharge…Saturday in this case.

3.  A registered nurse generally opens a home care case unless a doctor orders only physical therapy services.  Be sure to check with the home health care agency to see what their protocol is and what is appropriate.

4.  Supplies such as bandages for home health care services are covered by the home care agency.  IV Antibiotics for example depends on the Medicare Part D coverage selected.  Sometimes it is best for a patient who is in need of IV Antibiotics to have treatment in an outpatient setting such as a doctor’s infusion suite, skilled nursing and rehab facility or at a hospital.

5.  A Medicare Home Health Care order is good for 60 days on a per need basis.  Home care nurses are decided to be the eyes and ears for the doctor and do not provide custodial care.  Custodial care, assistance with daily living is considered private pay and needs to be arranged outside of the Medicare Services coordinated.

6.  Medicare Services at Home falls under Medicare Part A.  Outpatient physical therapy is covered under Medicare Part B and cannot be used at the same time Medicare Part A is used.  For the most part, most patients have home health care services and graduate to a Part Be environment once their strength increases and mobility.

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