Love your job? Stay with it!!

It has been shown that Americs seem to be staying with their jobs far longer now than they use to. “Between 1990 and 2010, the percentage of seniors aged 65 to 75 who remained in the workforce rose from 17% to 25%” -

These numbers are predicted to continue rising up till and through 2030. Because of the work force remaining longer, a lot of stress is removed from the responsibilities of Medicare and social security and therefore some stress is removed from all of us.

The question arises though as to why this trend has occurred. Well there could be many reasons for it, though I hypothesize the main reasons come from our increased life spans and overall health coupled with our addiction to work. Many people tend to not know how to deal with themselves when they do not have a job, or when they are out of work. People tend to feel a loss of self worth or importance once they stop working, so they want to hold onto their jobs as long as possible. I wrote a blog a while back entitled “Relearning to have fun”. Well, I believe it is the very difficulty of this that causes people to want to stay in their jobs. Retirement to many appears to be more looked at as a loss of self worth, a drop in importance, and the beginning of being “a worthless old man” as opposed to the time to enjoy the fruitions of all you’ve worked for.

Now I know I am essentially saying the opposite of what this article poses as a benefit to our country, but I personally feel people should enjoy themselves as much as they possibly can. If you love your job and it makes you happy, than stick with it!! But at the same time, don’t forget the thrills of being free, with no major schedule you have to stick to. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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