Letting People Go

I am going to bring up a very controversial topic here and I am really going to do so more in the frame of a question than in anything else, as my opinions on the subject are mixed. We as a society have made some incredible advancements allowing people to live much healthier and longer. We have postponed death many many years past when it used to be on average. But the question is, how much is too much, and is there a too much?

This sort of question always seems to pop its head up around times of wondering whether or not to “pull the plug”, but when necessarily is that plug really put in? We can say that the life support system starts oftentimes well before many machines are involved at all. I just read an article about a program called project lifesaver which works by essentially “tagging” people with late stages of dementia. Elderly people that tend to wander off and get lost, sometimes resulting in death, and this program puts a special bracelet on them that admits a continuous special radio frequency. This way if the elderly person gets lost, a 911 call will lead to a tracking system and the lost elderly person can be found.

As great as this program is, a part of me feel it’s horribly wrong and completely against nature. Doesn’t there come a time when it is just a persons’ time to go? How far must a person be gone for them to really just be a body resembling who you used to know?

This thought can be carried with and taken way too far when talking about any sort of life saving operation. However I feel if after the procedure the person is still completely unable to function, are they really there? SO yes, I know this is a hot button issue, as is any question regarding life and death. It presses people religions, morals, ethics, and most of all their egos. As I said before, I have very mixed feelings on the subject and really in my mind the question is, how much is too much? Just because we can keep a body functioning, how much of the brain has to deteriorate before we realize that the person we used to know just isn’t there anymore? (MAINLY REFERRING TO VEGETABLES BEING KEPT ALIVE BY MACHINES)

I would really like to hear people opinions on this, but moreso than their opinions I am interested in the reason why they have those opinions. For example, the opinion, “we should keep them alive because life is valuable” really doesn’t do anything to answer these questions. For one, please refrain from any religious type knowledge, for all religious knowledge is a belief and has no guarantee. For two, answer WHY that particular life still has value? Why is the person on the machines life still valuable if only their body is functioning and their brain is 95% deteriorated with only life support mental functions remaining? Stating that that person’s life is still valuable so that the family member can learn to accept the situation would be a good answer and a good retort would be saying something like, well that’s what a funeral is for. Stating that it’s not our choice to decide when a person stays or goes so we should do all we can to get them to stay and God/The Universe (insert higher power here) will decide when they go is a good response whilst stating well aren’t we essentially fighting God once it gets to a certain point would be a good retort. Thank you for your time and I hope to get some fgood responses.

Cheers. 🙂

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