Leaving Your Nursing Home to Get Out On Your Own

There is a fairly new program that has been established by the government that exists solely for two reasons: Helping people in nursing homes live on their own and saving the Government tens of millions in Medicare expenditures. This program is called “Money Follows the Person” and was initially established in 2005. Though the program was established in 2005, most of the 29 states now participating in it didn’t start until the last couple years making this still a pretty new and growing program that plans on having helped moved out 37,000 people by 2013.

Though this goad is admirable though how achievable it is may be up for question. At the end of last year Georgia had only achieve 10% of what it had hoped for and that was the common amount achieved for all the states. The progress may be slow, but the progress made has shown to be quite successful shining a light on the potential of where this could be headed. The slow speed of the process is due to the need to find affordable housing, meeting resistance from nursing homes, and the strict federal guidelines placed for those that can participate in the program.

The healthcare reform has nearly doubled the programs budget and extended the goal to 2016 from 2013 in order to make it more achievable. It has also reduced the eligibility rules greatly helping in finding potential applicants. Even still, the program has a long way to go before it reaches anywhere close to its original expectations.
Even though it is off to a slow start, it is still off to “A” start which is definitely a step in the right direction. There are far too many people in nursing homes that really do not need to be there and this program can help to assure that everybody gets to be where they would like to be and can be and always you can count on SilverCensus to update you every step of the way.


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