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Senior Bucket List – I had an interesting time camping this weekend with a friend of mine who is going through a divorce in her senior years. She wanted to get out and re-experience things that she and her husband did together but with other people.

We discussed a lot of things, but she tended to bring many of the discussions back to her husband. However, she still felt it was mandatory to continue doing the things she loves with new people.

So then we started talking about senior bucket lists. She could only think of two at the time, sky-diving and fly fishing in Yellowstone, but it got me thinking about specific things on a bucket list and why those things are always postponed.

What is it about items on a bucket list that aren’t done earlier in life? Bucket-list items are challenging, scary, thought-provoking, and sometimes insightful. They make us think about our mortality and take us back to a deeper understanding of ourselves, beneath our dollar amounts and name-brand clothing we wear.

So why do we push these bucket-list items off? Because they’re scary and challenging, and many humans fear change. It’s part of our ego that has to fit in with others and makes us think that superficial things define us.

Items on a senior bucket list shouldn’t have to be on a bucket list. Pushing the envelope with ourselves is something that more people should do to learn more about themselves before it’s too late. So no matter how old you are, start crossing items off of your bucket list TODAY!

Senior Bucket List post by Kate Valdovinos

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