Home Care versus Adult Day Care

Home Care versus Adult Day Care Cost for Assistance with Daily Living

For economic reasons, many people are considering home care than nursing homes. Even care companies with state contract under Medicaid, are pushing towards home care. Some health insurance companies that has contract under Medicaid reported that one person’s care under nursing home can pay 3 persons in home care. So, as long as the person’s health is not at risk, they keep them at home care.

According to Genworth Financial survey, a nursing home has an annual average cost of $82,800. The assisted-living facility average cost is 41, 400 while home care cost is 30,326 based on a 30-hour per week. The rate per hour is between $10 dollars to $40 depending on the type of care you needed. Help with domestic care is lesser than personal care. For monthly rates, it may range between $1,500 to $4,500 based on the amount of hours. Dementia care may cost even more and requires hiring a caregiver who is trained in the disease. With this data, home care cost is lower than other care facilities however monthly home upkeep is still a factor.

Overall, the said cost of in-home care will also depend on the type, level and duration of care, your choice of provider, and the place where you live will also be a determined cost factor.

Determining Factors of Home Care Cost in the United States:

Types and Level of Home Care

One of the determining factor of the cost for home care is the type of home care is needed. Personal care cost is lower than the dementia care.  Companion care, Dementia care, Personal Care and Respite care are among the type of care that a senior may need. Each type has its own rate. If the care is more specialized, you may get charged more.

Duration of Care

The duration of care contributes big factor in the cost. How long is the needed care. What time of the day? Generally, home care services rate in the evening, week, and holidays is more expensive than the regular days. The longer you need care, the higher your expenses will be.

The Care Provider

Your care provider has different rate too. Most of the time, the skilled and experienced care provider has a higher rate than others. In sensitive care needs, experienced and skilled caregiver is worth the price.

The Geographical Location

Your location will determine the rate as well. Some state has a higher rate than others. Even if your care provider came from the same company, rate will not be the same. The living expenses vary from state to state.

Day Care Cost

Adult day care is also an option to consider while considering home care seeing that centers are considered a healthy social outlet.  Day care centers allow for socialization and a different environment for the elderly.  It allows respite care for the caregiver should they have small children or work during the day.  It is also a good time for a caregiver to take a break to attend her personal needs or to relax. The cost of the adult day care center is between $70 to 80 dollars per day.  For someone with learning disability the rate may be higher.

Using Medicare and Medicaid for Home Care

Medicare pays in full for a home health services if the seniors need a skilled services however it is for only short term intermittent care under a doctor’s supervision.  For example, if mom or dad had a recent health care setback and left a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or a hospital stay, most physicians order Medicare Home Health Services as a safeguard.  This does NOT include a companion or sitter and assistance with daily living is considered private duty and is not covered by Medicare.

A home health aide provides personal care services including help with bathing, using the toilet, and dressing. Assistance with daily living is also called custodial care.  If is very important to understand that if a senior citizen is in need of personal care and not skilled nursing care at home, Medicare will not cover the expenses.

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