High Tech Jewelry Can Save Elderly Lives

Save Elderly Lives – There are a number of aging adults and children with intricate medical conditions in the world. Many depend on some form of technology to communicate different allergies whether to food or drugs. Some may have disorders like Alzheimer or dementia where a simple ID band of some sort could save someone’s life. By wearing a medical alert bracelet can alleviate concerns in case of emergencies.

Medical History and Save Elderly Lives

These devices can help first responders determine a patients’ complete medical history. They bracelets send responders to a secure website, a toll
free number, or even a text message. This enables the care provider to obtain all the past medical conditions or any prescriptions currently taking
so medics can proceed with caution.

The emergency bracelets available today are very different from the ones previously utilized. They not only have bracelets, but they also have
necklaces or even a flash drive that can be hidden in a charm worn around the neck. The flash drive can be put right into a computer right in the
ambulance and the medics can have all the information instantly. If you are big in fashion Tiffany and Company even offers a gold medical bracelet for
$2250.00. A little pricey, but if it has to do with saving your life I believe there is no price tag too large for that.

I think the flash drive idea is the best device because it gives all the information instantly. The only problem is that without a password protection of some sort, a person may be sharing their personal health records with someone they rather not be sharing it with. The flash drive is fantastic as it is not dependent on the internet or even a call out to someone. This is a very useful accessory to have for the elderly living in an assisted living or utilizing an adult daycare center. Most people that are in elderly care have some form of medical records available to them already. If wearing a bracelet could save your life wouldn’t you wear one? I would.

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