Helping Aging Parent to Restore Their Sense of Self

When I arrived to pick up my Mom for our Easter weekend, I was a little dismayed by what she was wearing. Mom has always had a sense of style; from timeless tailored suits to fun, Caribbean shirt and short ensembles. Whatever the occasion, she dressed the part admirably.

This day, her pants were rolled up way too short, her pink and burgundy striped shirt clashed with the red and navy sweater she wore.

But her smile was the warm, radiant smile that lights up a room. The delight at my being there to take her away for the weekend was so encompassing that for a minute, I forgot my preoccupation with her appearance.

It’s not like we were going anywhere special that particular night – Easter was on Sunday. Reluctantly, I acknowledged that Mom’s sense of style had faded into the background like many of her memories.

Our loved one can benefit from our dedication to helping aging parent preserve their sense of self as much as possible.

For example, Mom loves wearing L’Air du Temps perfume so; I make a point of opening the bottle & bringing it to her. She gleefully responds “ooohhh.” . Earrings were always a staple of her wardrobe so today, I suggest the pair that most compliments what she is wearing.

An important thing loved ones can do to help their parents or grandparents as memory issues become more prevalent is to minimize their choices. I scaled back Mom’s closet leaving fewer clothing options. Trying to decide what to wear – for a person with dementia issues – can be overwhelming.

I coordinate whole outfits and group them together to encourage her recognition that pulling one of these “sets” from her closet doesn’t require in-depth decision making. She lives in a retirement community so I am not with her at the start of each day but when she spends the weekend with me I can make sure she looks as good as she used to when her sense of style and sense of self was complete.

Helping Aging Parent and About the Author:

Terry Lynne Hale has over 30 years of sales, marketing, writing, research and training experience in a variety of industries. Terry thrives on sharing information and credits many authors with being instrumental in developing the person she is today. Passions include family, the Internet, pets, the planet, the Internet, writing, the Internet, publishing, the Internet, marketing, and the Internet. Her never-ending quest for learning led her to explore WWW after buying her first computer in 1995. Naturally, she wanted to share her enthusiasm for the internet with others. Her training and writing background fueled the passion that led her to write and publish her first eBook, Ageless Internet –Internet BASICS for Boomers and Seniors. It’s a simplified guide to the World Wide Web and is available for immediate download through Amazon or in all formats on Ageless Internet.

Terry’s experience sourcing and locating independent and assisted living for her parents was the beginning of her exploration into care giving and elder care issues. Subsequent assistance finding housing for loved ones of friends and family has cemented her interest in Boomer and Senior care. Terryis committed to getting the word out that it is possible – even preferable, to begin a search for this kind of housing via the Internet, thus her new position as Boomer Care Adviser for SilverCensus. With an invaluable resource like SilverCensus offering Free Placement Assistance for Home Careand Assisted Living, your efforts are streamlined, and you save time and money.

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