HearUSA to Administer the AARP Hearing Care Program

Hearing Care Program

Hearing Care Program – Unfortunately, almost three out of four hearing-impaired Americans who could successfully be treated with hearing aids go without detection and treatment. That is almost 36 million people, according to the American Academy of Audiology. Why the disparity in hearing care, compared with other health fields, such as vision, where practically everyone seeks – and receives – assistance? We know that there are many reasons why people are not receiving the hearing help they need. Among these are other healthcare priorities, stigma, cost, and fear that the hearing aids won’t work. We also know that significant advancements in hearing technologies, accompanied by more qualified hearing care providers, have resulted in more accurate fitting strategies and improved success rates.

Hearing Loss Effecting Senior Citizens

To achieve better consumer acceptance and satisfaction, the goal is to bring higher standards of care and up to date developments in hearing care into a responsive and accountable hearing aid dispensing community. The AARP hearing care program provided by HearUSA was designed to meet that challenge and to increase consumer awareness, confidence and success with hearing aids. The program features licensed, qualified audiologists and certified hearing aid dispensers, all of whom have agreed to following industry best practices for hearing aid dispensing; a thorough case history, interview, and hearing test, including a pre and post assessment of the impact of hearing loss on quality of life. From there, the program offers a selection of digital hearing aids, ranging from mid to high range technologies, which is intended to provide each recipient with a satisfactory level of performance that can be enhanced to meet individual needs and requirements.

Hearing Care Program Offered

The products are placed into five categories and pricing levels, in order to simplify and streamline the decision making process. All hearing aid purchases will include a savings of 20% compared to a national pricing survey, a 3 year warranty at no additional charge, directional microphones (when appropriate) at no additional charge, a free 3 year supply of hearing aid batteries, and an educational support program either in book or DVD format. Finally, each participating hearing care provider will be testing the hearing aid in the ear to ensure that the fitting is appropriate, and directing the AARP member in a follow up rehabilitation program over a 90 day period. During that time, the member will be asked to provide survey data on their use and satisfaction, so that HearUSA and AARP can monitor the progress and success of the program. The Hearing Care Program was developed to address many of the reasons that people choose not to use or might not do well with hearing aids. Through education and awareness activities, the program will work to reduce stigma and offer cosmetically appealing products that function wirelessly and intelligently. By incorporating good providers with a disciplined fitting process, providing top notch hearing aids with a wide range of performance, and monitoring member feedback, HearUSA and AARP are attempting to change the perception of hearing aids and improve the quality of life for AARP members and the public. The educational support system is a valuable component of that process, and will offer ongoing support through the first several weeks of adjustment. Plus, AARP members will have purchase security and peace of mind that comes with purchasing hearing aids with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. For additional information on the AARP Hearing Care Program, please call HearUSA at 1-888-829-5594, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 8:30PM.

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