Hearing Safety Tips

Hearing Safety Tips – The foremost reason why the millions of Americans living with untreated hearing loss should seek help is SAFETY. Why? Because studies have shown that hearing impairment also causes reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety.

Compounding that is: one in ten Americans have hearing loss, but it is older men and women who are much more likely to suffer from this life altering condition. In fact, the failure to hear smoke detectors and take quick action is the major reason adults 65 and older are more than twice as likely as any other age group to die in a home fire.

Hearing Safety Tips and What you can’t hear can hurt you.

Some other examples of things you might not hear that put you, and your family, at risk.

  • A family member or friend crying out for help.
  • An oncoming ambulance’s siren.
  • The phone ringing (it could be an emergency).
  • A verbal alert from your passenger.
  • Someone ringing the bell or pounding on your door.
  • An approaching vehicle.
  • A 911 operator trying to help you in an emergency.
  • Information your Doctor is telling you.

To locate the HearUSA or HEARx Hearing Care Center nearest you, and to schedule an appointment to receive a hearing screening and hearing care DVD, Click here to locate a Hearing Specialist of HearX or call 1-888-829-5594, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 8:30PM.

For your own safety, and for the safety of your family, friends and co-workers, taking a few minutes for a hearing-loss screening can pay enormous dividends.

All HearUSA centers will offer hearing screenings, and an informative DVD on hearing.

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