Healthcare in Transition

Healthcare Transion

Healthcare reform has been underway for some time now with no real progress made. Many people like to blame President Obama for this lack of progress, but in truth it's not his fault at all. All the president can do is put the bill forward, the rest is up to the Senate. Now I am going to be blunt and state that, I am neither for nor against Obama. I don't really view myself as a Republican or a Democrat, for from my perspective They both work for the same companies. . However, before I get too far off topic the healthcare reform is meeting a great deal of resistance in getting passed, and I do fear it is for more reasons than just ethics. The very fact that people will tend to blame the president when these things don't get done, I feel is a major reason things aren't getting done. From a political viewpoint, looking at it from the republicans' perspective Why would they want to get this bill passed? The longer they keep things from getting done, the more support democrats lose. They can claim they don't support it for this reason or that reason, and those reasons may be true But when it all comes down to it, they most likely do not want to reach a compromise. Why would they?


This is working beautifully in their favor! It is disturbing to think about all the things that aren't getting done due to political squabbling and greed. Both greed for money, and greed for power. Meanwhile, while we have a group of people fighting over things that really don't matter, we are still in a dying economy where many of us aren't getting the things we should all be entitled to. Up high on this list is, proper financial assistance for those who can no longer do things on their own. Yet, as mentioned a few articles back, medicare is still helping those that live in resorts how is this possible? Funds need to go where they are needed. 

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