Doctors Knowing the Costs

Healthcare Costs – Treatment by a Doctor

It is true that trained medical doctors are responsible for most of the decisions made about how to treat our conditions and they act with all the knowledge they’ve accumulated on scientific technique, disease, and treatment.. But believe it or not, when it comes to the cost a doctors two cents is worthless. Nowhere in a doctors training do they learn the prices of the treatments they do, nor do they have understanding on how the insurance companies work and what we will be paying. They are trained specifically just to act on scientific and medical standing.

This leads to little compassion when it comes to understanding patient decision when factoring in the financial burdens of these treatments. When a doctor is told it’s an expensive operation, does that mean it’s expensive for the patient, the country, or the insurance company? These are things that are important for doctors to understand if they are going to be advising patients in which direction to move.

Educating Patients on Healthcare Costs

Luckily for us, even doctors have become somewhat concerned with their total lack of information as to how much procedures cost and what it costs us to undergo them. New classes have been added in order to help educate upcoming doctors on the costs and processes that go into funding and billing. This way hopefully the doctors of the future will be able to advise us on both what is best for our health and our wallets.


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