Health Reform Confusion

Health Reform Confusion – It’s easy to get confused by health reform and programs that have been new and changing these days. It’s a fact that many people don’t know much about what’s going on, or know very little, and that’s not exactly the fault of American citizens, either. There’s so much information which changes constantly, so keeping track is really a full-time job.

Here are some things that I’ve read from NPR about what’s going on. At the bottom, I’ve included a link to a ‘Straight Talk’ website which has links to click on how health reform is affecting different types of patients and their insurance.

  • The new health laws don’t decrease what doctors make from Medicare.
  • Younger Americans have more opportunities for coverage.
  • There are many more options for long-term care insurance. (Check out the previous blog on CLASS).
  • There are some rebate benefits for medications.
  • Billing histories will be monitored so there will be a decrease in forms to fill out or phone calls to make.

I know this list is very broad, but it’s important to know what’s happening. Check out the link below for more detailed information. If it helps, download and print out the “PDF” files.

“Straight Talk” information:

Post by Kate Valdovinos. NPR websites: and

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