Relearning to have fun, enjoying your freedom, not stressing over your appearance, and just not stressing in general; I have written about many things over the past couple months, but all of these topics have essentially one goal, and that is to try and help us to find happiness.

The quest for contentment is one in which we are all continuously on and even when we find it, we then oftentimes become overly obsessed with keeping it. We can become so obsessed, that we forget what it is we were trying to do in the first place and lose the once found happiness in the process. This can very oftentimes be seen in relationships when jealousy and possessiveness develop.

When a person says happiness comes from within, this saying holds true on many levels However, the way it best rings true, or at least is easiest to understand, is that once happiness is found to not become obsessed with protecting the objects that you think are making you happy. This act alone will end the very thing being “protected”. Instead remember that even though you are enjoying your situation, the happiness you are feeling is coming from you.

Enjoy your freedom and retirement and go out and play Golf if you can. If that is not a possibility, solve a puzzle or toss a ball around. Go to the beach, the park, or take a stroll. Just live and play like a child again, for no other reason aside from it’s fun and you can. Let your external reward or the productivity achieved be your own happiness. 🙂

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