Going Back to School

Going to school to get prepared for a career should be a simple task for a person at any age. If someone does not enjoy their current career path there is no reason why they should have to stay in it. In order to accomplish this in an efficient way truly is no simple task. One could argue right now that any person is free to go back to school (college) at any time, but this is defeated by obligations to life, work, and funds. Without funds, one cannot afford to continue their education. Even if one does obtain a solid education in one field, if they decide they do not like it, they are now in massive debt and cannot easily go back to school.

The way the education system would have to be reworked to allocate such changes would be as follows:

The easiest way to think of it would be as a liberal arts college starting in middle school. The early education would still remain essentially the same, as children would learn the basics. However, as many of you I am sure have questioned many times in school “when am I ever going to need this?” is not something that would asked so often later on. School would very much be geared into getting children into learning about things that they liked as soon as possible. If a child likes math, he can take math, I know I loved math growing up. But if a teenager is fascinated by makeup and thinks they want to be a make-up artist Why do they need to know algebra? One of the keys to this education system is; it is available to everyone at all ages, and is free of charge always. What this means is nobody is ever “stuck” doing something they later decide they don’t like. They can always go back to school and enter into a new field. This will result with a 34year old in the same class as a 15 year old, but if you’ve seen are you smarter than a 5th grader, you know that they will both learn from that class. Higher levels of the system would essentially be more like apprenticeships than the school we have today. This would guarantee, that when a person is fully ready, they will already have help and support to get started and going. Plus, since the person is doing what they are passionate about, they will have plenty of motivation to continue.


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