Getting Old and Getting Freaky: Sex amongst the Elderly

Sex amongst the elderly is an idea that if unheard of before may come as a shock, however it is quite the common event to occur. There is not a single person alive that should be surprised by this considering how prevalent sex becomes in life once a person hits puberty. Many think there comes a time when the lovin’ just stops, but that is an arbitrary thought with no logic behind it created so that we as children can peacefully think that our parents never do anything sexual. Why this idea is such a frightful one in the first place I am unsure of, but none the less it remains as such. Our parents kissing, for many, will always be viewed as “icky”.

But on to the topic at hand; there are a few quick things I would like to discuss. The first is that meeting new people is a great reason to consider joining a retirement community. I have said this many times over throughout my blogs, however, just to give you another perspective you may have yet considered, it really can be like going to a second college. I have read multiple articles and have seen many a programs centered around the sexual activity that goes on in retirement homes. It can be a good place to share stories of your past, hear about your new friends stories, and overall share your wisdom. (About all of life!! Get your mind out of the gutter!! :-p)

Heh. Well with that said, there is a major concern that is accompanied with this. The main way sexual activity within nursing homes is heard about is through the absurdly high spreading rate of STD’s. So like a father talking to his child about to go off to school, much of the same concern must be expressed for any elderly person about to go into a retirement home. For those that applies to reading this, well this can be your “talk”. BE CAREFUL!!! For those of you reading this with your aging relative ABOUT to consider a retirement home, well then be prepared for that “awkward conversation” in a reversed perspective. If you have done this with your children, you may already understand, but none the less I imagine it is a different experience all together discussing such things with your parents. Well if you would like, you can just send them here to read this Help save you he trouble : ).

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