Getting Used to That Empty Nest (A More Humorous Outlook)

Make Light of Empty Nest Syndrome

A common phrase that originated in the marketing world, but was quickly taken hold of and understood by a majority of the public is the phrase, empty nester. It was used in order to describe the target market people who had children, but whose children have now gone off on their own living independently, leaving the parents in their “empty nest”. This market segment is said to have a decent amount of extra funds due to no longer needing to spend on their children, in addition to more time than they know what to do with. Empty nester syndrome is an overwhelming feeling of loneliness sometimes felt by those who have recently become empty nester, usually women. This is in part due to the reason stated above, in specific time. Too much time, give one ample time to think And to think about why they have so much time.

There are stages that come with becoming an empty nester. The first, and most humorous, is kicking them out repeatedly until they finally make it on their own. Of course this shouldn’t be done until hey are truly ready to get out, but a gentle nudge out of the nest to help them spread their wings can’t hurt Unless they hit the ground ouch.

The second step is the realization that they are truly gone. You pick up the phone after not hearing from them for a week all eager and ready to decline giving them that $300, just to find out that it’s only Bob from accounting asking when you want that TPS report done by. Wednesday is fine Bob. Wednesday is fine. Realization that they are actually gone is a bittersweet time, and the time I assume when empty nester syndrome is most likely to kick in. You can expect the one that used to cook or bake to be baking all kinds of extra goodies at this time, mostly to send off to the child that’ s gone. “DON’T TOUCH THOSE COOKIES!! Those are for Teddie J.” Heh. After the drama passes, empty nesters are now no longer left yelling at an empty room or waiting to turn down financial assistance to a dead phone line, but are now trying to figure out What to do instead? I have that $400 he didn’t’ ask for, and all the time it would have taken him to convince me to give it to him now what do I do? This is where you get to learn to have fun all over again!! Buy toys, gadgets, and gizmos. Go ahead and get that laptop, maybe even try to figure out how to use it!! Heh. The internet is wonderful, and so are new golf clubs. At least this is one way the marketing world looks at it. Regardless, never forget to enjoy yourself. Especially in these times. We all earned it, and you did especially ;-).

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