Throughout life we meet new people almost every day. Some of these people journey into our lives and become part of the circle in which we frequently involve ourselves with, however most simply pass us by leavening their minimal mark on the fabric of our existence.

In our group of associates we refer to as friends, some stay with us for many years, perhaps our whole life, and some depart as quickly as they came. Some leave us in a fiery drama filled turmoil that makes us wonder why they were ever there in the first place, and some leave accidently by surprise. We meet people who we consider our best friends and we meet people who we consider as close as family maybe closer. In many ways, oftentimes family Is like a pre-decided semi-forced acquaintance that will always have a major impact on who you are, no matter in what way that impact is.

When it all comes down to it though, each and every one of us has an experience to offer and provide, and we are all consistently and constantly undergoing knew experiences. A friend can com as quickly as a meeting on a street, and go as suddenly as a bump on the head, but in the end It’s all about the experience. Live, love, learn 🙂

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