E-Prescriptions: Implementing the Internet

The number of prescriptions being filled over the internet is on the rise, from 6% at the end of 2008 to 16% at the end of 2009. This is a huge increase, and I think it is a step in the right direction. Though at the same time, this itself is a complicated issue, and let me explain why.

First, I am a person that entirely believes in self medication. I feel people should be allowed to choose which medicines they want for which symptoms; however this raises all kinds of issues with it such as drug abuse and diagnoses problems.

I believe proper education is the number one way to counter these issues in addition with doctor’s advice. Truthful information about what each substance does, the side effects, the usefulness, and things along those lines could help people determine which medications are best for them.

As far as the issue of people abusing medications goes, I say let them if they choose to. I know this opinion is incredibly controversial, but I feel it hurts us more by limiting our right to choose, then it would by just letting those that choose to abuse do it.

ANYWAY, I have gotten way off the point I was originally aiming for in this blog. The main point of interest I care to discuss is the internet, and how much it can be used to optimize life. We have already seen how fast both information and misinformation spread online. I have talked about online documentation, allowing for quick shared information between laboratories, greatly expediting the research process. But these are just the tip of the iceberg in the all the internet can allow us to do.

For example, something revolutionary that could occur, and pretty easily as well, would be online voting. One of the biggest issues we have in this country right now is the turnout for people who vote. Not just for the president, but for senators, representatives, bills being passed. Why not set this all up online, much like a forum? Post new bills and ideas, and let the people vote on it directly!! In many ways, this would reduce the amount of reliance we have on representatives, and GREATLY reduce the power lobbyists hold After all, are they going to lobby to all the voters? I doubt it.

The power of online voting would completely renovate our current system bringing it to the next level of social understanding. We the people would no longer be completely reliant on selecting one person to make all our decisions for us. The decisions would be posted online in a simple yes/no fashion for us to see and decide on.

Talk about a democracy in its truest form eh?

Here’s hoping,


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