Distance Aging Parents Caregiving

Distance Aging Parents Caregiving – My folks were living in their single family home in Miami during the horrific 2005 hurricane season. They were 81. My youngest sister and her family lived about 15 minutes away. D & J’s son was 9 years old. You can imagine that with a child in elementary school, two full time jobs and both sets of parents living in Florida, my sister’s family was juggling lots of responsibility. They provided herculean assistance to my folks for more than a decade while I live in Kansas City and three other sisters live in Chicago suburbs.

Alzheimer’s Signs and Distance Aging Parents Caregiving

My Dad had begun showing early signs of Alzheimer’s in the late nineties. My first experience with it was when my husband & I visited Miami in 1998. Dad picked us up from the airport to take us to my sister’s house about 25 minutes away. It took us 2-1/2 hours. Dad was confused and embarrassed and we were not yet knowledgeable enough to discuss it with him. We didn’t know Miami sufficiently to realize something was terribly wrong until an hour had passed. Thankfully, we had our cell phone enabling my sister to direct us back to her house which was still a bit challenging.

After hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma mangled South Florida that year, we knew we had to get my folks closer to where three sisters could share the responsibility of caring for them. My love for research and for the Internet made me the logical choice for investigating independent living and/or assisted living options. I began by evaluating 32 retirement communities in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. With the help of online resources, government links and SilverCensus, I narrowed the list down. From these, my sisters and I visited and interviewed five.

Our folks had spent several years living in San Diego and then Miami. It was important that although we wanted them to move back to Chicago – where our family lived for a decade-the facility had to have comfortable amenities and be one that would permit their transition from independent living to assisted living when the time came.

Let me state here and now, money was an object. We had to look for a terrific deal because the funds were limited.

My youngest sister is a whirlwind of an organizer. We often call her Wonder Woman. With some input from a friend educated in such matters, D prepared an elaborate questionnaire for my folks. Due to my sales and marketing background, D wanted me to help her deliver the “talk” to our parents.

Not only were we going to suggest they sell their home to move back into a state with four seasons, we wanted to take the keys away from Dad. Bless his heart; with Dad behind the wheel, we were fearful for our parents’ safety as well as the safety of others.

You should know that we had a loving and respectful relationship with our parents. This made our plans and their reaction to them much more amicable. I understand every family dynamic is different and some might be more challenging than others.

Distance Aging Parents Caregiving and About the Author:

Terry Lynne Hale has over 30 years of sales, marketing, writing, research and training experience in a variety of industries. Terry thrives on sharing information and credits many authors with being instrumental in developing the person she is today. Passions include family, the Internet, pets, the planet, the Internet, writing, the Internet, publishing, the Internet, marketing, and the Internet. Her never-ending quest for learning led her to explore WWW after buying her first computer in 1995. Naturally, she wanted to share her enthusiasm for the internet with others. Her training and writing background fueled the passion that led her to write and publish her first eBook, Ageless Internet – Internet BASICS for Boomers and Seniors. It’s a simplified guide to the World Wide Web and is available for immediate download through Amazon or in all formats on Ageless Internet.

Terry’s experience sourcing and locating independent and assisted living for her parents was the beginning of her exploration into care giving and elder care issues. Subsequent assistance finding housing for loved ones of friends and family has cemented her interest in Boomer and Senior care. Terry is committed to getting the word out that it is possible – even preferable, to begin a search for this kind of housing via the Internet, thus her new position as Boomer Care Adviser for SilverCensus. With an invaluable resource like SilverCensus offering Free Placement Assistance for Home Care and Assisted Living, your efforts are streamlined, and you save time and money.

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